Happy birthday to me!

Today's my birthday!!! YAY! I wanted to post this before the day ended.

And today's also some very cool people's birthday too :D

So, happy birthday to:

Authors Maria V. Snyder and Hayley Anne Perkins, Actresses Emma Watson and Emma Thompson, Inventor Leonardo Da Vinci, and Argentine footballer, Andrés D'Alessandro.

Great people were born on a day like today. And those who'll be born in the future on a 15th of April will be the greatest kids you'll meet. Trust me, I know.

Just a quick reminder: you should enter my international contest! I haven't made a lot of propaganda for it, but you should know about it. And tell others! Go here to enter.

That's it for today. Oh, I also started reading Eragon. I'm currently reading five books. So you should tell me which one of those I'm reading I should finish first. I'm thinking Inside Out, by Maria V. Snyder, since she shares her bday with me, which makes her instantly cool.



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