We have our Peeta and Gale for The Hunger Games films. Beware: HORRIBLE CASTING AHEAD.

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Today we learned that Josh Hutcherson (Bridge to Terabithia, Zathura) and Liam Hemsworth (who the heck is he?) were cast to play Peeta Mellark and Gale Hawthorn, respectively.

Are you kidding me? Josh Hutcherson as Peeta? The Peeta I -and I imagine many others- have been waiting so long to see? He IS NOT PEETA to me. It doesn't matter that he'll be made-over, no amount of makeup can change him and make him look like the Peeta from my mind. He's a really good actor, to me anyway, but I do not see him as Peeta. And the other John isn't Gale either. How about they switched their roles up?

Terrible casting choices! For all the gods, who were the casting directors? I'm flying to the States now and setting up a strike or something at the production company. You can't do this to us fans, please! Listen to us on this one! They are not the ones for the roles! Forget about making millions of dollars. Don't you want to make a film that'll last in time?

Take the Harry Potter films for example. Who knew Dan, Emma and Rupert before them? No one. And look at them now, the most important young actors of our generation, to my eyes. Why not hire unknown actors to bring to life our beloved Peeta and Gale? Maybe they could do a better job than these two.

Being a Film student, I understand the beauty of telling stories through audiovisual arts. And this is just wrong. I don't mean to offend these actors, but seriously, the production's got it way, waaaaaaaaay wrong. 
You can see that all they care about it making a commercial film, and as many millions as they can. 

I'm torn between going and not going to see the film. But I know, in the end, I'll cave, and end up going. At least Jennifer Lawrence looks a bit like Katniss with her hair dyed.


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